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AI Powered Facial Recognition & Photos Clustering (like Google Photos) for your Frappe sites.

Try on Frappe Cloud


Clone the repo and run docker compose up in the demo folder to spin up a demo instance :)


You may follow these steps to try out Photos:

  1. Login to Desk
  2. Upload a new Image file
  3. Navigate to the latest Photo Document
  4. Scroll down to see the human faces detected
  5. Click on each face to show label & more information
  6. If label is not set for a given ROI, add it

Photos gets better the more images you store and the more people you label. It may make a few mistakes guessing the names of the people, but it gets better with more data!


Installation is pretty straightforward IF you’re accustomed to Frappe Apps:

  1. bench get-app
  2. bench --site photos-site install-app photos

If you don’t know that and still want to try it out, here’s the Frappe documentation for the same -

More Information

This project consists of:


The initial inspiration for this project was to be an Open Source Alternative to Google Photos. However, I’ve only been able to make a week’s time for this in 2 years. If you’re seriously looking for an open source alternative to Google Photos, I’d recommend which is everyting I wanted to build when I thought of doing this back in 2018 ^_^